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Koes Komo

  • Born in Semarang (Java) in 1980
  • Graduated from ‘SMTN Grafika’
  • Self taught artist and designer, fulltime professional since 2003.
  • Resident of Amsterdam since 2011
  • Proud father of Fenix (9 years old)



Contact: www.koeskomo.com / info@koeskomo.com

Phone: +31- (0)6 44 37 55 86


Hamerstraat 2-4, 1021 JV Amsterdam


Events and Projects


1. Live Painting  L’improbable Cabaret Amsterdam



1.  NDSM FUSE exhibition Amsterdam

2. Live Painting Crazyland – Moulin Rouge (Burlesque)

3. Live Painting at Burlesque Freakout

4. Live artist for International Burlesque Circus, Utrecht
5. Caricaturist/portrait artist on Rembrandtplein
6. Workshops for bachelorette parties


1. Organizer Life Model Drawing Amsterdam Weekly event

2. live Painting at Femme Fatale Cabaret. Vondel CS Amsterdam

 3. Bodensee Burlesque Estravaganza, Friedrichshafen Germany 

4. The International Burlesque Circus – Monster in Pyjama Halloween edition

5. Bruxelles Burlesque Festival 2018 Alice in Wonderland

6. art Exhibition NDSM FUSE Amsterdam

7. Caricature artist at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam


  1. Organizer Live Model Drawing Amsterdam Noord (weekly event)
  2. Live art performance at various Burlesque events and competitions
  3. Freelance design and mosaic art for Mandalay Mosaic Design
  4. Free work series ‘Tree of Life – the Gate of the Universe’
  5. Caricature artist at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam



  1. Inhouse live artist @International Burlesque Circus
  2. Inhouse live artist @ International Burlesque Award Amsterdam
  3. Live Artist at various Burlesque shows and festivals in Germany and Switzerland
  4. Expo ‘IPT 1965’ @ Oude Kerk, Den Haag
  5. Live Artist at numerous corporate events throughout Holland
  6. Design fabric for coat ‘Durga Universe’ , art collaboration with Dorit Kozlowski.
  7. Caricature artist at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam



  1. Evenement with international artist group ‘Fenix’ @ van Gogh Museum
  2. Exhibition in galery Home of Art, Amsterdam
  3. Design and production 4 megaposters on canvas for CinemAsia filmfestival
  4. Graphic design all printables for ngo IPT 1965
  5. Hermés: speed drawing –artist at exhibition in Paris
  6. Drawing live performance at International Burlesque Awards Amsterdam
  7. Exhibition at Cavia Botanical Garden Festival Amsterdam, with Fenix Artgroup
  8. Drawing performance Decom party ‘Burning Man’
  9. Drawing performance ‘Spuistraat festival’ Amsterdam (Mural)
  10. Sketchology: live sketching at news events such as demonstrations.
  11. Murals for schools and restaurants.
  12. Mosaic Garuda for Guiness Book of Records (for Indonesia Pavilion @ Milano Expo)
  13. Caricature artist at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam


  1. Storyboard short movie ‘Outlier’, director: Wouter M. Hoek
  2. Illustrations for 3 books en 4 flyers for ngo IMWU Nederland
  3. Illustrations and graphic design all printwork of ngo IPT 1965
  4. Street portrait artist Rembrandtplein
  5. Expo I ‘Fenix’ @ Galerie de Slang
  6. Exhibition ‘Mixed Up Project’ , Amsterdam
  7. Drawing performance: Amsterdam Burlesque Weekend + International Burlesque competition in Eindhoven
  8. Expo II artgroup ‘Fenix’ @ de Slang
  9. Expo ‘Pintar Rapido’, Posthoornkerk Amsterdam
  10. Expo ‘Duo’ @de Peper OT301
  11. Sketchologist /drawing artist at bachelorette parties and weddings
  12. Drawing performance at Festival ‘Landjuweel Ruigoord’, Amsterdam
  13. Caricature artist at Leidseplein Amsterdam


  1. Haarlem Vijfhoekkunstroute 2013
  2. Art is A Liv/fe, exhibition at Galerie de Slang, Amsterdam
  3. Live drawing Performance: Museumnacht, Theater de Brakke Grond – ‘VELdSLAG ‘
  4. Participant Amsterdam Street Art live performance @ Roots Festival
  5. Storyboards voor videoclips, director: Ronald Pupupin
  6. Caricature artist at Leidseplein Amsterdam


  1. Haarlem Vijfhoekkunstroute 2012
  2. Drawing Group Exposition at Mezrab, Amsterdam
  3. Rantau Group: expo ‘Nobody Illegal’, Kopi Susu Utrecht
  4. Solo expo Coffeeshop Siberie, Amsterdam
  5. Solo expo Coffeeshop Loft, Amsterdam
  6. Storyboards Videoclip (oa Miss Brandy Russel) director: Ronald Pupupin
  7. Caricature artist at Leidseplein Amsterdam



  1. Cartoon SECAC Reborn
  2. Moeka Cartoon Pepeng
  3. Cartoons for Menpora
  4. Cartoons for Aceh dalan Cartoon
  5. Exhibition ‘Rock Scissor Paper’ with Lilian Fäustle and Anastasia Dwirahmi @Widia Mitra Semarang (part of Erasmushuis)
  6. Solo Expo: Drawings and Paintings by Koes Komo @De Peper OT301 Amsterdam
  7. Caricaturist @ Haarlem Shopping Night (‘Montmartre theme’)
  8. Eindhoven: eerste internationale portrettekenaars festival van Nederland ‘Montmartre in de Bergen’.
  9. Caricature artist at Leidseplein Amsterdam


  1. Exhibition Cultural art show @Polines Semarang
  2. Exhibition ‘Imagination’ @Vanessa Art Galery Jakarta
  3. Exhibition (competition winner) 3G Suara Merdeka. Semarang Contemporary art Gallery (2010)
  4. Exhibition ‘Indonesia Now’ @Bandung
  5. National cartoon expo ‘Cartoon on Canvas JogjakARToen 2010 @ Jogja
  6. Cartoon expo Smartfest Semarang
  7. A(rt)SEM Semarang group expo 2010
  8. Participant Indonesian caricature record ‘ Muke Gile’
  9. Wrought Iron designer for all workshops of Semarang, freelance


  1. Artistgroup ‘The Outsiders’ : Holiday in the sun @ Retro art House Semarang
  2. Group Expo HERTZ SUB SONIC SONAR Bersama Byar CI (2009)
  3. Group Expo ART Van JAVA UNISBANK Semarang
  4. Group Expo Drawing The God (Outsiders)
  5. Festival Mata Air @Salatiga: workshops en muurschildering
  6. Group Expo: Play with Your Pencil @Galery Bu Atie Semarang
  7. Group Expo Grushart Grusuh II
  8. Group Expo Sumbu Pendek TBRS Semarang


Mosaic Design 2009-2017

1. Freelance designer for Mandalay Mosaic Design and S-tiles Mozaiek, Amsterdam
2. Mosaic maker and part of technical installation team




Designer, teacher and Illustrator 2003-2010

  1. Stage designer for event organizers in central Java
  2. Designer of wedding stages for several decorator companies in Semarang.
  3. Freelance designer for all wrought iron workshops of Semarang
  4. Illustrator of 32 school books, Indonesia
  5. Art teacher at 2 kindergardens and at SOS Kinderdorf Semarang
  6. Jury member art competitions for youth, Semarang
  7. Designer of stands for trade fairs, Semarang



  1. Competition Bank Purbadanarta Semarang (1999) (3e prize)
  2. Competition Undip Semarang (1999) (people’s favorite)
  3. Competition L apangan Kridosono Jogja (2004) (1e prijs)
  4. Mural Blue Bar Gili Air Lombok NTB (2008)
  5. Mural with mosaic and painting @Festival Mata air Salatiga (2008)
  6. Mural Haarlem Klimhal (2009)
  7. Mural Festival Mata Air Salatiga 2009
  8. Murals for children rooms in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht
  9. Mural for school BSO ‘De Kleine Zeester’ , Amsterdam
  10. Murals for restaurants (El Torro burgerbar and Makmur, Amsterdam)
  11. Mural Spuistraat Festival (temporary result)








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